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Wondering if You Should Be a Foster Parent?

If you have a heart for kids and are even thinking about being a foster parent, we can work with that! We can build on your strengths. We’ll walk alongside you when challenges come up.

Families interested in becoming foster families are sometimes afraid they won’t have the skill set they need. They worry that the children might be too difficult for them to parent. Some wonder how fostering will affect their own families. These questions are all valid. In fact, they’re very common among prospective foster families. We address these concerns and many more in the qualification and licensing process.

If you’re on the fence about becoming a foster parent, you’re closer to making a decision than you might think. Being on the fence means there’s something about your life that you know you would benefit a child. Take that leap over. You’re not alone, there’s a team of people there for support.
— FW Foster Parent

Foster parents come from many different backgrounds with various experiences, any of which could make them well-suited to care for children and teens in need of a loving, supportive home.

The most successful foster parents are those who believe we are all teachers and learners. We’re all capable of positive change. Even the children we serve play the role of the teacher, as they help us grow in patience and perseverance.

One way to learn if becoming a treatment foster parent is right for you is by becoming a Respite provider. We need respite providers to give temporary breaks (respite) to foster parents.

Through my year of being a respite provider, someone has been there with me the whole time. I’ve experienced a number of different children, different ages, different races, different backgrounds, different life experiences. There hasn’t been a time where I didn’t have someone to help me or talk to me.
— Family Works Respite Provider

What Does a Foster Parent Do?

Foster parents are responsible for the care and supervision of children and teens placed in their homes. They provide for the children’s physical and emotional needs, including transportation to appointments, coordinating with the treatment team, and advocating for the child’s best interests.

You’ll care for the child or teen placed in your home just as you would care for a biological child. That means no two days are alike! Foster parents are prepared for the unexpected.

Foster parents open their hearts, even when it’s not easy. They provide a balance of structure and boundaries with love and compassion.

Just simply enforcing a lot of rules and regulations is not enough. Foster parents need to convey the message to kids that we care about you. We love you. We want you to succeed.
— Family Works Social Worker

Foster parents maintain communication with their case worker and can play a role in helping their child be reunited with their families, if that is in the child’s best interest. Or, they may have the opportunity to adopt a child who has been in their care. Every child’s situation is unique and is handled on a person-by-person basis.

I feel like I’m loved when I’m with them. There’s never a time when they didn’t care. They’re always inclusive. We have a lot of family time together. I like that.
— Former Foster Child

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How to Become a Foster Parent

The first step to becoming a foster parent in Wisconsin is choosing a licensing agency that will support you from beginning to end with the resources you’ll need for success. Our licensing specialists walk you through the entire process. We answer your questions along the way and make sure you understand what being a foster parent is all about. This licensing process includes:

Interviews with
you and your family
Visits to Your Home
Visits to your home,
including a safety check
Pre Service
36-40 hours of
pre-service training
Health examination

Health examination


Criminal background checks (local police checks, state bureau of criminal investigation checks, and county child protective services checks)

Why Foster? What Foster Parents Say

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Why Choose Family Works?

Family Works’ mission is to provide quality treatment foster care services for children and families. This is what we do, and we do it well!

We provide the support you need to be a foster parent.

  • Your social worker is accessible to you. They’re available to assist you if there is a crisis, 24/7.
  • Our social workers are experienced. Their longevity with our agency shows they enjoy what they do and believe in our mission.
  • For over 30 years we have been known throughout Wisconsin for providing exceptional foster care services to children and teens.

If you would like to speak with a licensing specialist please contact:

Southern Wisconsin:

Amanda Siefert

Northern Wisconsin:

Kathi Kesan

Not sure if fostering is right for you? Consider becoming a respite provider!
Respite providers help give much needed breaks to treatment foster parents and foster children.

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