10 things I have learned as a new foster parent…

  1. they always say never judge a book by its cover, but i would like to add that it is okay to consider a tree by the fruit that it
  2. if adoption isn’t an option, it is okay to love them as if it i would argue that it is actually necessary.
  3. always scream that song at the top of your lungs, even in the grocery store. don’t be afraid to remind the world that life isn’t that i promise that the embarrassed smirk will warm every piece of your soul.
  4. if you don’ t know what to say or how to feel about a situation, try dancing in the trust me, just do it. and if you do, be sure to let me know how many little feet decided to join you.
  5. high fives and fist bumps are just unsure when interacting with kiddos in this field of work, asking for an “unsure hug” is much more effective than dismissing their fear of a healthy human interaction. with time, unsure hugs suddenly become a little more sure, and those hugs are the ones that will heal.
  6. “would we like comfort and a hug right now, or do we want solutions and a game plan?” if we want to talk about a game changer, this is it. acknowledging their distress and giving them an option of how to move forward, well – that is what we all want right? also, emphasis the “we,” it ensures them that they are not meant to fend for themselves, and that you too want to be involve
  7. hug the crosswalk guard once in a while. they do a lot to protect our kids, and get very little recognition.
  8. acknowledge homeless people. i know it is uncomfortable and it’s hard but try to your effort and your willingness to look, will speak volumes to the sweet soul in your back seat.
  9. make a whole batch of cookies and give them to then the next day, make another batch – but you keep and eat those ones. it’s a creative way to teach gratefulness and kindness sprinkled with a little fun. and if you are anything like me, there are plenty overdue thank yous.
  10. investing in yourself is yes, it is the manicure and bath bomb, but it is also the endless therapy appointments the expensive vitamins, the support groups… the hard stuff too.