How Family Works Will Help You Be a Great Foster Parent

Once you’ve decided to become a foster parent, the next decision you’ll make is where and how to become licensed. This decision is crucial. In Wisconsin, foster parents can be licensed through their county or through a private treatment foster care agency.

several hands together as a team

At Family Works, we believe our private treatment foster care agency will make all the difference in the type of support you receive. We know the job of being a foster parent is tough and important work. We are committed to our families 100%. We value being there for our families in our words and actions.

The benefits that every foster parent receives through Family Works include the following:


Clear communication

Every foster parent licensed through Family Works is assigned a social worker who will be available to you. If you need anything, everyone at Family Works is here to help. Whether it’s your social worker or other Family Works staff, someone will be available to answer your questions and help you navigate the many moving pieces of the child welfare system.

We welcome questions and want you to always feel confident that our agency has your back.

I am so beyond blessed to work for such a supportive agency that stands behind what they believe in and shares the same passion of bettering the lives of children in need of foster care. ~ FW Foster Parent


24/7 on-call support from social workers

We recognize that when working with kids and families, life events don’t just happen within an 8-5 PM time frame. Our goal is to support you through whatever events may come your way. Our staff are available to take a call at any time and will be a listening ear you can count on in crisis!

The support we get from Family Works is amazing!~ FW Foster Parent


Respite resources

Every parent needs a break now and then. We especially encourage families to use respite, much like parents would use a babysitter. We have respite providers available throughout the state who will look after your child in a safe, nurturing environment.

Taking respite gives you a chance to breathe and re-energize so you can carry on in the work you’re doing. It also connects our kids with an even larger community of support.

Family Works is an incredible network of people, working together for one amazing cause — helping kids be kids again!~ FW Foster Parent


Monthly training and support meetings

Our monthly training and support meetings are designed with you in mind. Our staff prepare trainings on a variety of topics including parenting approaches for kids with trauma, building birth family connections and more. These trainings not only boost your knowledge and skills, but will leave you more confident and prepared to parent with success. Our trainings will assist you in meeting state licensing standards and achieve the hours you need each year.

These meetings provide an opportunity to meet the other families and staff throughout our agency. You’ll build connections with our network of Family Works foster parents. You’ll find a group of people to problem solve with and who understand the highs and lows of being a foster parent like no one else.

In addition, if you find a training outside of our agency you’re interested in attending, our foster parents receive a yearly stipend to participate in these trainings.

Individualized treatment planning and comprehensive services.

We recognize each child has unique needs and our skilled social workers will help you find the resources in your community to support your child’s success. These resources include, but are not limited to therapy, psychiatry services, extracurricular activities, respite and educational supports. We’ll work as a collaborative team to create these supports and structure what your child needs.


A true passion for making a difference in the lives of children and families.

Our agency was founded by Joel Ungrodt in 1990. Joel was a person who believed all children deserve families and that families are the best place for children to grow and thrive. This legacy lives on today as we care for and support youth throughout Wisconsin daily.

We chose Family Works because of the approach to teamwork and positive reinforcement; the agency’s ideology that each child is special and worthy of our best efforts; and the personal qualities of fairness, listening and compassion. We want to be with you folks! ~ FW Foster Parent


These are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you become a foster parent with Family Works. We believe with these supports you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to make a difference in the lives of children!


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