Our History

Family Works Programs, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Joel Ungrodt to fulfill his vision to better serve the children and youth in the out-of-home care system.

The primary focus of Family Works, Inc. has always been to recruit, train and support treatment foster care parents throughout Wisconsin and to coordinate the care of the foster children placed in their homes.

Joel’s beliefs are still the principles that guide the agency’s work today:

  • The inspiration for our name: Every child deserves a family and families “work” as the best place for children to grow and mature.
  • We are all teachers and learners. Even the children we serve are in the role of the teacher, helping us grow in patience and perseverance.
  • Everyone is capable of positive change
Joel lynn

After 30 plus years, the mission and vision of the agency remain strong, providing the highest quality of care and services to promote success in the lives of Wisconsin’s children and families.