Treatment Foster Care

Children who are placed in out-of-home care receive an assessment that specifies their level of need.

  • Level 1: This child needs out-of-home care that can be provided by a relative.
  • Level 2: This child needs basic care and does not have significant behavioral, emotional, or physical needs. This foster family is not related to the child.
  • Level 3: This child has experienced some trauma, such as abuse, neglect, or multiple separations.
  • Level 4: This child has experienced more severe trauma from significant abuse or exploitation, or they have challenging behavior that would require their parents to receive additional training in order to best help them.
  • Levels 5-6: Children in need of Level 5 or 6 care often have severe medical or developmental issues that require substantial support and more specialized training.
Family Works is an incredible network of people, working together for one amazing cause- helping kids be kids again!
— FW Foster Parent

The Difference Between Treatment Foster Parents and Regular Foster Parents

Being a treatment foster parent means you get more education in trauma in the specialized area you want to work in.

Treatment Foster Parents have received additional training to help children who have suffered trauma from abuse, neglect, multiple separations, and exploitation. They provide support, consistency and trauma-informed care to the children and teens in their home.

Children may have complex treatment needs such as:

Family Works takes a comprehensive approach to helping these children and families reach their full potential. Our goal is to provide services and support to those affected by trauma in order to promote healing and resilience.

Family Works Provides Treatment Foster Parents With:

Weekly contact and support for foster parents

24/7 on-call support from social workers

Treatment team coordination and collaboration

Monthly training and support meetings with foster parents and social workers

Individualized treatment planning and comprehensive services

Respite resources

As a foster parent, you are providing a life-changing service to children. You are giving them a nurturing environment so they can learn how to overcome the traumas they have experienced to live a more fulfilling, satisfying life.

I love what I do and look at it as a great privilege to raise and nurture these children. It is an honor to be the person to support and guide these children and families toward success.
— FW Foster Parent