Our Foster Family Profiles

Featured Foster Family: Tiffany November 1, 2023 | Written By Christina Bishop

  Meet Family Works Foster Parent Tiffany! Tiffany lives in the Milwaukee area, and she has been a foster parent for over 20 years. How her journey began  Tiffany has always loved children. As a teenager, she kept busy babysitting and teaching Sunday school for younger children. Her Aunt was a long-time foster parent, and […]

Featured Foster Family: Lisa September 28, 2022 | Written By Family Works

Meet Family Works Foster Parent Lisa! Lisa is a single foster mother in the Platteville area. Lisa notes she was always drawn to children and animals. But she did not start out to be a foster parent… The Journey Begins Lisa married her teenage sweetheart; Gary and they had four children together. Eventually Lisa started […]

Featured Foster Family: Heather August 30, 2021 | Written By Family Works

Meet Family Works Foster Parent Heather! Heather is a single foster mother in the Eau Claire area. She and her family have been in the “kid business” for some time.  There Were Always Children Around… Heather shares that her family has been helping children and young people for as long as she can remember. There […]

Featured Foster Family: Mary Kay and Tom August 30, 2021 | Written By Family Works

Meet Family Works Foster Parents Mary Kay and Tom. They live in the Appleton area and have been doing foster care for 25 years! They have been with Family Works for the last seven years. Getting started Mary Kay and Tom considered fostering all those years ago because a friend’s nephew needed a place to […]

Featured Foster Family: Rick April 17, 2021 | Written By Family Works

Meet our foster parent, Rick. He and his crew of teenage boys live in western Wisconsin, near LaCrosse. There’s never a dull moment at their house as they stay busy camping, fishing, hiking and golfing. Rick has always been drawn to the world of helping others. As a young child, Rick’s mom passed away, and […]

Matt and Kristi with family
Featured Foster Family: Kristi and Matt February 26, 2021 | Written By Family Works

Meet Kristi and Matt, a foster family in the Eau Claire region. When the family isn’t busy keeping up with their adopted, biological and foster children, they enjoy spending time at their lake house and taking road trips across the United States.   You’ll find with foster families that “family” is an always expanding definition. […]

Wade and adopted son
Featured Foster Family: Wade November 20, 2020 | Written By Family Works

Meet foster parent, Wade. Wade and his family live in rural Wisconsin and find many ways to stay busy including caring for their farm and cooking lots of delicious food. Wade admits his journey to becoming a foster parent was less of a conscious choice and more of a natural chain of events. Wade describes […]

Gary and Leann
Featured Foster Family: Gary and LeAnn October 16, 2020 | Written By Family Works

Meet foster parents, Gary and LeAnn. They are passionate about foster care and especially love caring for teenage girls. They’re a unique family made up of 3 generations of foster parents (LeAnn’s parents and their adult daughter and son-in-law have all fostered!)   At the age of 50, LeAnn had to suddenly retire from a […]

Jim and Taunya
Featured Foster Family: Jim & Taunya September 9, 2020 | Written By Family Works

Meet longtime foster parents Jim & Taunya, whose “the more the merrier” attitude has given them a large family and a lot of fun. Learn how they became involved in foster care and their advice to new foster families.   Jim and Taunya approached foster care just how they do many things in life, wholeheartedly […]