Featured Foster Family: Tiffany


Meet Family Works Foster Parent Tiffany!

Tiffany lives in the Milwaukee area, and she has been a foster parent for over 20 years.

How her journey began

 Tiffany has always loved children. As a teenager, she kept busy babysitting and teaching Sunday school for younger children. Her Aunt was a long-time foster parent, and this sparked her interest in becoming a foster parent herself one day. As a young adult, she began her career as a flight attendant but always wanted to become a foster parent. When Tiffany settled in Atlanta, she began her foster care journey. She was parenting her own first child at the time and was asked to consider a referral for a teenage girl who needed a foster home. She said ‘yes’ and recalled what a huge adjustment they both had to make to each other. To this day, she and this young lady are still in touch with one another, which is a highlight of her fostering journey.

What makes her a great foster parent

There is so much laughter, love, and fun in Tiffany’s foster home! Their family enjoys outdoor activities, festivals, singing, dancing, sporting events, going to the zoo, and so much more. Tiffany is patient and consistent. She knows that it takes children time to adjust to her, her family, and her home. She is proud of the progress her foster youth have made in their time in her home. The children’s teachers tell her how much they have seen the children grow and develop in her home!

What do others need to be a great foster parent

Tiffany learned that to be a great foster parent, she must do the things that sustain her. She loves singing, dancing, spending time with friends, and traveling. This means using respite when she needs to. Tiffany’s Family Works Social Worker, Julie, is available to help her arrange respite services. Tiffany is very appreciative of the support she receives from Family Works.

Family Works Social Worker, Julie says:

“Tiffany is a super mom! Three busy foster kiddos as well as a very active high school son, and she makes it look easy! Tiffany is committed to her boys and will soon be the adoptive mom of 2. Did I mention she sings too?!?!

Are you considering fostering?

As a foster parent, Tiffany’s advice to others considering becoming a foster parent is to make sure that you have the time and support you need to commit to this. Build your circle of support!