Treatment Foster Care Blog

Treatment Foster Care Blog

How Will Fostering Affect My Own Children? April 19, 2024 | Written By Christina Bishop

When you are considering becoming a foster parent, there are many things to think about. One of the top questions I get asked by prospective foster parents is, “how will fostering affect my own children.”  The short answer is, “it most certainly will affect your own children.”  But the “how” is a much longer answer, […]

INSIGHTS FROM A FORMER FOSTER YOUTH May 26, 2022 | Written By Family Works

TAHNE is a recording artist, currently living in Nashville.  She shared the following “backstory” that has led her to where she is today; a foster girl to fierce woman on a mission to empower.  “I was born in a small town in Wisconsin.  By the time I was 11, I was in foster care due […]

10 things I have learned as a new foster parent… February 10, 2022 | Written By Family Works

they always say never judge a book by its cover, but i would like to add that it is okay to consider a tree by the fruit that it if adoption isn’t an option, it is okay to love them as if it i would argue that it is actually necessary. always scream that song […]

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Core Values May 20, 2021 | Written By Family Works

Family Works is a child-placing agency, committed to creating healing home environments for children. We provide a supportive, comprehensive approach – utilizing trauma informed care – to help children and families reach their full potential. We are committed to creating a healthy environment for all members of the Family Works Programs community, a community in […]

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Treatment Foster Care: What is it? February 23, 2021 | Written By Family Works

In this article we’ll  demystify treatment foster care and give you a glimpse of what treatment foster care looks like in reality.

Becoming a Foster Parent Live Q & A
Becoming a Foster Parent Live Q and A January 20, 2021 | Written By Family Works

  Join Family Works staff and foster parents for a Zoom call to learn more about fostering with our agency. About this Event If you have a passion for helping kids and are looking to give back to your community, fostering could be a good fit for you! Our information session will help you answer […]

Family Works: Making Families “Work” for over 31 Years January 12, 2021 | Written By Family Works

As Family Works wraps up our 30th year of supporting families throughout Wisconsin, we pay tribute to our founding passions that still hold true today. We began as a small agency focused on supporting foster youth. In 30 years, we have grown to be a bigger agency but remain grounded in our values of empowering families and building a tight-knit community.

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8 Myths about Foster Care December 9, 2020 | Written By Family Works

During the licensing process, we receive many questions about foster care and recognize there are many false ideas about foster care that exist. We’re here to dispel those myths. We hope you will leave with a better understanding of foster care and may even recognize how qualified you are to be a foster parent! 1. […]

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Resources to help you learn what it’s like to be a foster parent December 1, 2020 | Written By Family Works

Our goal at Family Works is to equip our foster families and staff with the tools necessary to effectively support our youth in care. This series will feature a variety of resources we have found helpful on topics applicable to parenting and foster care.   Are you considering becoming a foster parent but are unsure […]

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How Family Works Will Help You Be a Great Foster Parent November 30, 2020 | Written By Family Works

Once you’ve decided to become a foster parent, the next decision you’ll make is where and how to become licensed. This decision is crucial. In Wisconsin, foster parents can be licensed through their county or through a private treatment foster care agency. At Family Works, we believe our private treatment foster care agency will make […]